Golden Snail

Once, there was a couple living in a royal residence. They were Prince Raden Putra and also Dewi Limaran. Royal prince Raden Putra’s papa was the king of the kingdom.

One day, Dewi Limaran was walking in the royal residence yard. All of a sudden she saw a snail. It was awful as well as disgusting.

” Yuck!” stated Dewi Limaran and afterwards she threw it away right into a river.

She did not know that the snail was actually an old and also powerful witch. She might transform herself right into anything. The witch was mad to Dewi Limaran. The witch put a spell on her and also changed her into a gold snail. The witch after that tossed it away into the river.

The golden snail was drifting away in the river as well as got caught into a net. An old lady was angling as well as utilized her net to catch some fish. She was surprised to see a gold snail in her web. She took it and brought it residence. When the old woman got up in the morning, she was stunned that the house was in the excellent condition.

The floor was wiped. And also she also had food on the table. She was thinking very hard.

” That did this to me? The person is really kind.” It took place repeatedly every early morning.

The old lady was very interested. One night she chose to stay up late. She was peeping from her room to know that prepared for her. Then, she could not believe what she saw. The gold snail she caught in the river became a lovely female. The old female approached her.

” Who are you, girl?”

β€œI am Dewi Limaran, Ma’am. A witch cursed me. I can alter back as a human just in the evening,” explained Dewi Limaran.

β€œThe spell could be broken if I listen to the tune from the divine gamelan,” proceeded Dewi Limaran.

The old woman after that rushed to the palace. She spoke with Royal prince Raden Putra concerning her other half.

Royal prince Raden Putra was so happy. He had actually been seeking his better half all over.

He then prayed and meditated. He asked the gods to offer him the divine gamelan. He wanted to break the witch’s spell. After numerous days hoping as well as meditating, lastly gods provided his dream. He immediately brought the divine gamelan to the old woman’s house. He played it beautifully. And then remarkably the gold snail turned into the beautiful Dewi Limaran.

The couple was so happy that they could be together again. They also said thanks to the old lady for her kindness. As a return, they asked her to remain in the palace.


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